How a Nut Milk Bag Makes the Best Kombucha Tea

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Most kombucha brewers eventually learn the many benefits of using a nut milk bag. A nut milk bag is a large drawstring bag woven of tough nylon or cotton thread. It has a weave that is tight enough to keep tea leaves inside, while also permitting liquids to flow through easily.

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Loose Tea Makes a Better Kombucha

We discovered how easy and neat a nut milk bag makes brewing tea for kombucha once we began using loose tea. Beginning brewers often start kombucha brewing using tea bags. But loose tea has a number of advantages over tea bags.

The tea in bag tea is very finely ground so that it can brew tea quickly. This is fine for making a cup of tea. When brewing kombucha, we generally brew for longer and it is easy to over brew which produces a bitter beverage.

Advantages of Buying Loose Tea

  1. Loose tea is available in much more variety than bag tea.
  2. Since each variety of tea has a unique taste, the brewer has many more flavor options.
  3. Loose tea is less expensive.
  4. Much loose tea can also be purchased as organically grown– better for the tea farmer, the consumer and ultimately the planet.
  5. You are not filling your garbage with used tea bags, tags and packaging.

Advantages of a Nut Milk Bag

A nut milk bag lets you use the exact quantity of tea that you want, unlike the pre-measured tea in a tea bag. Once the tea is finished brewing, it is easy to remove the tea from the boiled water, instead of fishing around for loose tea bags.

Then, you simply dump the spent tea into your compost or garden, and rinse and dry the nut milk bag for next time.

This is our favorite nut milk bag. We prefer it because it is made of fine nylon mesh. We use one in all our kombucha brewing.

Nut milk bags also have many other uses for the kombucha brewer. You can use it to strain seeds from berries when you are ready to flavor your booch. It is also a good way to wash a quantity of fruit, grains or fresh herbs.

In the kitchen the nut milk bag has dozens of other uses, in addition, of course, to making nut milks from cashews, almonds, pecans, hemp, sesame seeds or shredded coconut. You can also use it to sprout seeds, make cheese, filter sauces and jams, and make cold brewed coffee.

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