Welcome to Kombucha Journal

The essential companion for the kombucha home brewer

Maximize brewing results

Consistently make yummy kombucha all year long


Save time and money


Achieve more delicious and consistent kombucha brewing results


Quickly record and track each and every ingredient and step used in your brew

A handy diary to keep beside you as you brew and bottle each batch of kombucha

Easily find and recreate your favorite fermentation two recipes

Inside The Complete Kombucha Brewing Journal you will find:
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A year’s worth of carefully designed pages for tracking weekly brewing efforts
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A system for tracking SCOBYs if you share, retire, or designate them for special flavor combinations
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A quick and efficient system for recording all of the important factors for safe and effective brewing
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A lasting record so that you can keep track of successes that you will want to repeat
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Easy to follow prompts help you note important details such as ingredients and environmental factors
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Handy pages to help you to capture inspirations and new recipe ideas for future brews
What readers are saying:
“The Complete Kombucha Brewing Journal provides the structure needed to consistently produce a quality brew.”
Robyn Cook
The Kitchen Garden Teacher
Palmwoods, Queensland, Australia
“The Complete Kombucha Brewing Journal is a beautiful and organized way to keep track of my kombucha creations!”
Theresa Rosenthal
Stuarts Draft, Virginia, USA
“The Complete Kombucha Brewing Journal is the missing piece! This journal has all the systems, lists and record keeping tools that is needed.”
Michelle E. DeBerge
Gluten Sugar Dairy Free LifeStyle
Henderson, NV, USA


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