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Neil and Laurie Stolmaker discovered their love for kombucha while following Paleo dietary guidelines and it quickly led to becoming weekly kombucha home brewers. Here’s what they have to say:

“We love that we can find delicious kombucha at local stores all over the US and even on tap in some hip locales. But, for daily consumption home brewing is the way to go!”

With his extensive background as a beer home brewer for many years and his penchant for creating easy to use and functional record keeping systems, Neil quickly realized the need for a way to keep impeccable track of his brewing efforts and the idea of The Complete Kombucha Brewer’s Journal was born. An avid tech lover, Neil soon realized that having a physical book was really helpful when it came to keeping great brewing notes.

Laurie just can’t help herself. Every day she comes up with new ideas for kombucha flavors that combine her love of fresh ingredients, garden herbs and healing foods. She needed a way to capture her ideas and keep track of her favorites. As a ceramic artist, Laurie also understood the value of detailed record keeping in her studio.

After lots of kombucha brewing and lots of trial and error, Neil and Laurie created an easy and effective way to keep track of every aspect of the art and science of brewing kombucha, the Complete Kombucha Brewing Journal.

Brewing Kombucha Tea (KT) is easy and fun! And we are guessing you already love drinking it and may have already started your own brewing adventures. One thing that happens a lot with KT brewing is that you just keep wanting to brew more, drink more and share more of it with friends.

We certainly do, and that is why we created the Kombucha Journal web site—to share what we have learned with others interested in learning about home brewing and to be in touch with those already enjoying the benefits of making their own kombucha.

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An Auto Siphon makes transferring your kombucha from the fermenter to bottles effortless and fast. Our auto siphon picks are inexpensive and easy to clean too.

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Improve your home kombucha brewing.
Achieve consistent, accurate results.


Achieve more delicious and consistent kombucha brewing results


Quickly record and track each and every ingredient and step used in your brew

A handy diary to keep beside you as you brew and bottle each batch of kombucha

Easily find and recreate your favorite fermentation two recipes

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